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The VITAL Solution

  • VITAL is a Highmark Health-funded program that currently tests new innovations at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) facilities for AHN patients who are also eligible members of certain health plans.
  • VITAL integrates work "under one roof" to provide:
    • Access to integrated clinician system
    • Access to target populations
    • Access to advanced claims-level / clinical data and cost analytics
  • VITAL meets unmet needs by leveraging claims-level and clinical data in an accelerated real-world test environment to produce evidence for commercial products
  • VITAL demonstrates success by reducing medical spend, improved quality outcomes, and enhanced patient access to new technologies

Why VITAL Is Necessary

Fast Fact: 3-7 Years on average for medical devices from concept to market

Industry trends: Health care is in a period of dramatic transformation with shifting pressures, new technologies, and changing expectations.

  • Industry-Wide Change
    Shift from volume-based care to value based reimbursement and population health management. Patient-centered approaches to transformation are realigning access, system redesign and safety / risk management.
  • New Technologies
    The health care industry has seen a dramatic increase in technology companies rapidly bringing new innovations and solutions to care delivery.
  • Need for Proof
    Technology companies and the health care industry are looking to test these new solutions in a real-world environment for clinical and economic guidance around value.
  • Unmet Needs
    Today, innovations are delayed from market adoption due to lack of appropriate evidence, which impedes the impact they can have on patient care.

What Makes VITAL Different

  • As an integrated delivery and financing system, Highmark Health can coordinate care and coverage efficiencies in a continuous and scalable way, providing the VITAL program with:
    • Access to clinicians at a leading provider system for each innovation test: an available pool of ~2,800 clinicians across 8 hospitals in the Allegheny Health Network, plus independent physicians and other strategic partners
    • Access to claims and other longitudinal data of eligible members that participate in the program from the largest commercial health plan in Pennsylvania
  • Our process allows for seamless integration between researchers, data scientists, clinicians and patients that allows us to quickly understand the impact of new innovation on patient outcomes and costs.
    • Guidance on navigating the clinical, economic and reimbursement landscape
    • Improved health outcomes and cost benefits support enhanced patient experience
    • Enhanced quality, superior clinical outcomes and reduction in medical costs
  • VITAL leverages performance measurement (quality, cost, and access metrics) and data-driven population health management – to provide evidence in real-world settings.
    • Advanced data and analytics capabilities to track and measure cost, outcomes data and determine overall health system impact
    • Predictive models for patient ID and targeting
  • VITAL facilitates matching best-in-class tech manufacturers with clinicians to foster collaboration and ability to create clinical and financial outcomes stories around utilization.

Where VITAL is Headed

  • The VITAL pipeline is full and focused with over 40 new ideas under evaluation
  • VITAL is evolving as part of a broader innovation initiative that will power care and experience transformation at an industry level

VITAL by the Numbers

  • 12 active projects, 40+ in the pipeline
  • 7 focus areas: cardiology, oncology, women's services, chronic conditions such as COPD and diabetes, precision medicine, and other areas focused on clinical transformation

VITAL Test Success Stories