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We encourage you to contact us at any time to begin discussing your idea and proposal at

To begin the application process, you should:

Application Criteria:

  • An application for a novel health care intervention that does not yet have widespread adoption in the medical community. Interventions could include: a medical device, a diagnostic or medical test, durable medical equipment, or a new procedure or care process.
  • The project has potential for either:
    • Short-or-long term cost savings to the participant, clinician, or payer;
    • AND/OR
    • Improvements to quality of care or clinical outcomes.
  • The innovation has received appropriate regulatory approval if necessary.
  • Innovator teams should be facilitated by or have the engagement of an Allegheny Health Network (AHN) clinician(s).


Applications and proposals are developed as a collaborative initiative between the industry partner, clinician, and the Highmark Health VITAL team.

Application Process:

1. Application

Applicants should submit the application to to have their proposal reviewed during the next cycle. The application is intended to provide a high level framework of the proposed study and covers the following topic areas. We encourage brief summaries in each of these areas and use of bullet points, graphs, figures, timelines, etc.

  • Problem description and background
  • Proposed solution and study design
  • Value proposition – describe potential quality of care and cost of care benefits. Include metrics that will be used to assess both clinical and cost outcomes.
  • Timeline/Budget

2. Proposal

The applicant(s) is invited to submit a proposal based on the recommendation of the VITAL team. The applicant(s) team will work closely with the VITAL team to craft their proposal in preparation for review by the VITAL Committee.

Download Proposal Template

3. Project Review and Approval

The VITAL Committee provides feedback on each proposal and ultimately recommends which projects are approved. The innovator team will lead project implementation in collaboration with VITAL program administrators. As the test progresses, the VITAL team will work with the innovator team to access medical and claims data from study participants to understand the impact of the new intervention on health care utilization, spending, and clinical outcomes.