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The VITAL Committee is composed of a cross-disciplinary group of experts with vast clinical, scientific, health plan, and business expertise. The committee is responsible for reviewing new proposals and recommending the collaboration. We recommend keeping this broad audience in mind as you prepare your application materials. The committee will score proposals on the following criteria.

  1. The proposal is in alignment with the objective of transforming care across the Highmark Health enterprise.
    • Is there a potential to positively impact healthcare utilization and/or could the intervention generate a patient care cost savings?
    • Do you believe that the proposed intervention could improve the quality of care or clinical outcome for the patient?
    • Is it a candidate for a near-term change to related medical policy and/or a change in the current reimbursement methodology?
  2. The scientific evidence which has been presented is compelling and supports the proposed hypothesis.
    • Are you convinced that the proposed intervention is safe for the participants?
    • Did the proposal cite enough 3rd party publications or literature to make the case for collecting additional data to prove the hypothesis?
  3. The proposal is feasible and has presented a reasonable budget and timeline.
    • Do you feel that the project team has the appropriate experience/training necessary for the proposed intervention?
    • Are the participant enrollment criteria as outlined in the proposal both reasonable and achievable?
    • Is the total expense of the proposal logical, and is there a likelihood of achieving a return on the investment?
  4. The proposal provides an opportunity to clinically differentiate AHN in the marketplace.
    • Is there a potential for value-add partnerships with healthcare organizations and industry partners?
    • Could we use the collected project data to inform the process of new care plans for patients with specific conditions?
    • Could this expand to other sites if it is successful?